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June 12 , 2022

Registered Financial Specialist, like CWM, is a certification exam offered by AAFM. RFS is designed for frontline personnel in the financial industry, focusing on asset allocation and investment advice.

Registered Financial Specialist, is fully accredited by GAFM. RFS is a program designed to cover the fundamentals of the financial services industry, particularly asset management, investment banking and retail financial services industries. This course has grown to specifically provide a tactical view of the financial services industry and how it is changing rapidly. RFS programs are designed to provide informative insights from front, middle and back office managers and are an excellent body of knowledge to give professionals interested in developing in the financial industry a head start in their careers.
The purpose of the RFS training program is to enhance private investment technical knowledge and training skills so that finance teams can confidently frame conversations with clients and sales prospects. Covering topics such as financial planning, asset management, investment advice and insurance, RFS; is the entry-level qualification for GAFM's wealth management program.
With the formation of a new generation of China's middle class, a new generation of rich people are increasingly replacing the nouveau riche of the past. They are rational and interesting, and their financial management concepts are more stable. Subsequently, the team of financial planners serving the middle class has also developed rapidly. The number of financial planners trained and certified has skyrocketed.

Registered Financial Specialist (RFS)

Designation Essentials
Status Currently offered and recognized by the issuing organization.
Issuing OrganizationGlobal Academy of Finance and Management (GAFM), formerly American Academy of Finance and Management;
Qualification and Training Requirements

Candidate has 3 years of financial planning experience in asset management and financial planning

Designation Training Requirements

Eligible candidates must successfully complete at least one of the following:

  • AAFM-approved Global Online Training Package in financial planning and asset management
  • AAFM-approved degree (graduate or undergraduate) in finance, tax, accounting, financial services, law or a CPA, MBA, MS, PhD, or JD from an accredited school or organization
  • 5 or more approved and related courses from an AACSB or ACBSP accredited business school or AAFM sanctioned program
  • AAFM Executive Certification training course
Designation Exam Type

Varies according to educational requirement above

Continuing Education Requirements

15 hours per year

Verification and Complaints
Online Designation Resource

Email info@gafm.com

Investor Complaint Process

Online at Member Discipline and Complaints

Published List of Disciplined Designees


The advantages of certification

1. For enterprises to recruit talents, it can highlight personal professional knowledge, thus increasing the chances of being admitted, promoted, and adjusted salary.
2. To master the latest information of the international financial market, expand horizons, strengthen management and professional ability.
3. The GAFM international certificate has been recognized by major companies in more than 140 countries around the world, which can increase development opportunities overseas.
4. The academic status of GAFM will give you the advantage of applying for admission to the world's top business management schools.
5. 30 hours of back training every year to maintain functional competitiveness and increase communication and business opportunities with elites in the industry.

Relevant course accreditation link: https://www.finra.org/search?search_api_fulltext=GAFM

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