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    The full name of MFP™ is Master Financial Professional, also known as Financial Manager (the top qualification certificate in the financial industry issued by GAFM™). As a professional qualification certification in the field of global finance and finance, MFP™ has been generally recognized in countries around the world. At the same time, in the financial industry qualification certificates recommended on the joint website of the US Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) and the Ministry of Education (ED), MFP and CFA are listed as "gold certification" in the financial industry at the same time.
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    Chartered Wealth Manager Certification™, referred to as CWM™, is one of the four major certificates (CFA, CPA, CFP, CWM) in the current US "wealth management" training certification. CWM™ is a wealth management certification for first-line financial practitioners who have direct contact with clients. The difference between CWM™ certification and other financial planning certifications is that its curriculum system and content are more specifically aimed at practitioners in retail banking, VIP wealth management centers, wealth management centers and private banking sectors who need to effectively develop high-end customers.
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    Registered Financial Specialist, is fully accredited by GAFM. RFS is a program designed to cover the fundamentals of the financial services industry, particularly asset management, investment banking and retail financial services industries. This course has grown to specifically provide a tactical view of the financial services industry and how it is changing rapidly. RFS programs are designed to provide informative insights from front, middle and back office managers and are an excellent body of knowledge to give professionals interested in developing in the financial industry a head start in their careers.
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    Accredited Management Consultant is designed for professional managers, using various asset allocation and management, with various management tools, to create a decision-making with high return on investment for the enterprise. Let it become an expert qualification in the field of excellent management consulting enterprises. The specific focus is on the regulatory environment, corporate governance, leadership and compliance standards. Business management consultants can apply scientific principles and effective methods, combined with their own rich experience in business operations, to bring improvements to the company's strategy, control and operations. External experts of the company.
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    Accredited Financial Analyst World-wide recognized high-level certification in the financial investment industry - AFA™ is an international "Chartered Financial Analyst" certification. With this certificate, you can apply for jobs in investment banks, securities companies, funds, foreign companies, listed companies, banking and financial institutions, Fortune 500 companies and other companies, and engage in international advanced financial analysis, investment and management.

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    APSB and GAFM United College, AAGUC is co-founded by Global Academy of Finance and Management,one of the world's four most authoritative financial certification institutions, and The Asia Pacific School of Business.

    AAGUC (APSB and GAFM United College) is the only academic unit directly under the Global Academy of Finance and Management (GAFM). Responsible for teaching research, examination training, curriculum development and academic degree education on a global scale. It aims to cultivate professionals with an international perspective, intensive research in finance and familiarity with the international market.

    The AAGUC joint master's program has MBA, EMBA and GEMBA, MFP, CWM and other certification courses. All certification courses in the program are accredited by the ESQ in Europe with ISO 21001 Certification, with direct credential standards recognition from the  CHEA USA Higher Education Accreditation Council and the ACBSP Accreditation Authority legal recognition for certification standards with The Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP), accreditation from the Arab League's Academy of Banking and Finance Services (AABFS), registration with the Government of India and UAE Government KHDA, and recognized and disclosed to the U. S. Department of Labor, Employment and Training Administration.


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AAGUC provides industry recognized practitioner programs designed for working professionals and entrepreneurs at working in the financial industry. Gain relevant business knowledge and skills to be job relevant and for career enhancement.

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The Council for Higher Education Accreditatio
Financial Industry Regulatory Authority
The Arab Academy for Management, Banking and
International Organization for Standardizatio
New York Institute of Finance

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  • "The program is impressive. I commend AAGUC for jousting this kind of training which is tremendously relevant and helpful to project managers. I enjoyed and learned a lot. The flow was logical and the facilitator, Dr. Yiyan Jianyin, performed the task extremely well. Now, I am confident more and eager to apply the insights and ideas I gained g
    Metodio B. Maraguinot Jr.
    Country Project Specialist US Peace Corps in the Philippines
  • "I find the training interesting as it solidifies the knowledge I gained through my work experiences. Though I’m already doing/following these concepts, AAGUC was able to explain it better and I know, I’ll be able to apply it at work."
    Maribeth D. Valdez
    Project Manager
  • "I was glad to have enrolled in this short course for Project Management. The course discussed a lot of topics that can be applied to my day to day work. The theories and concept discussed by the instructor are relevant to my current role. Thank you!"
    Danielle Joy Moralita
    Senior Delivery Management Open Text
  • I chose AAGUC to study GEMBA/CWM because I understand the practicality of AAGUC courses. In Korea, AAGUC's certification courses are very popular because these courses have received many international certifications and are also highly valuable.
    HNU MFA Graduates 2015 and AAGUC GEMBA/CWM Student 2022
  • Only by continuous learning and continuous progress can we adapt to this fast-paced social development trend. So I chose to take the AAGUC vocational education program again from my alma mater, APSB.
    Murnin Bilello
    APSB ABA Graduates 2012 and AAGUC GEMBA & MFP Student 2022
  • If you can't keep up with the times, you'll be eliminated, so continuous learning is the only way to go.
    David Wells
    APSB MAT Graduates 2015 and AAGUC DBA Student 2022
  • This opportunity for further study has broadened my horizons, increased my knowledge, and laid a good foundation for my future work.
    Emily Taylor
    APSB MFA Graduates 2016 and AAGUC GEMBA Student 2022
  • After graduating for several years, I always feel that there is only more and more shortage. The progress of science and technology makes us must participate in the advocacy of "continuous education and lifelong learning". So I chose to go back to my alma mater to study the ChFA course, so that I can be more competitive in the workplace.
    Camille Patrick
    APSB MSc Graduates 2018 and AAGUC ChFA Student 2022
  • I thoroughly enjoyed the practical curriculum and blend of different learning approaches used throughout the MBA. APSB, being an institution for professionals, is a great advantage because it helped me manage my work and education simultaneously. What I appreciate most is that education at AAGUC is workplace based.
    Jared Rory Halbert
    APSB MBA Graduate 2021 and AAGUC MFP Student 2022


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February 09 , 2024
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AAGUC officially reached a mutual recognition agreement with SNIPF

September 09 , 2022
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Announcement on the appointment of Enrico Salvagni Dr. eng

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