Our courses are accredited by the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA)

APSB and GAFM United College (AAGUC) is exempted by FINRA to offer educational programs solely for the membership of a bona fide trade, business, professional, or fraternal organization.


According to the authorization status, AAGUC has all the mutual recognition of the authoritative certification organizations under the

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View verification of AAGUC's program recognition status by the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA)


*Legal Statement*


APSB and GAFM United College (AAGUC) is wholly owned by The Asia Pacific School of Business and Global Academy of Finance and Management.


Recognition & Affiliations

Award Apostille & Legalization

a) The apostille certificate is issued by the State of California Secretary of State to authenticate the document to be used in a foreign country. The foreign country must be a member of The Convention of 5 October 1961 Abolishing the Requirement of Legalisation for Foreign Public Documents (HCCH 1961 Apostille Convention)

Click here to know the member countries of the HCCH 1961 Apostille Convention.


 an apostille certificate issued for the Example MBA.

b) The legalization process is applied to the countries that are not members of the Hague Apostille Convention.


 a legalized Example DBA.

For more information and confirmation of which process may apply to you, write to sec@apsb.ac.nz or sec@apsb.edu.eu

Note: The legalization format may vary by country. 

Professional & Industry Bodies

AAGUC strives towards ensuring student of the APSB can receive a quality assured professional education by industry bodies for the continuous growth and betterment of 

their workplace. 

Continuing professional development (CPD), UK

CPD, namely The CPD Certification Service, is an authoritative independent certification body in the UK, which specializes in reviewing courses that have significantly contributed 

to various careers and skills development. Major audit and certification industries include healthcare, education, consulting, catering, business management, architectural design, 

and more. The CBC China Liquor Certification Course is the first liquor course to be awarded the CPD certification by the British authoritative organization, and has an 

internationally recognized official background.

View APSB - CPD partnership letter

With CPD membership, you will have exclusive access to:

  • CPD’s online resource portal, Management Direct, which includes more than 20,000 pieces of curated management and leadership content 
  • CPD’s mentoring service, which connects you to a global network of senior managers and leaders
  • CPD’s Career Development Centre, which provides numerous tools to help you launch or enhance your employability
  • CPD events and webinars, which connect you with the latest tendencies in business and management
  • CPD job search engine — returning jobs across every locale

Subscribing to CPD  requires you to be a student of APSB and full time student at aaguc. Subscription is effective for 2 year from the date of CPD membership. 


Nobel University (NU), California, U.S.

AAGUC has entered into an articulation agreement with NU for QAHE members to continue their education at NU. NU is accredited by the Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools (ACICS), an institutional accrediting agency recognized by the U.S Department of Education. 

International American University (IAU), California, U.S.

AAGUC has entered into an articulation agreement with IAU for QAHE members to continue their education at IAU. IAU is accredited by the Transnational Association of Christian Colleges and Schools (TRACS), an institutional accrediting agency recognized by the U.S Department of Education. 

Apollos University (AU), Montana, U.S.

AAGUC has entered into an articulation agreement with AU for QAHE members to continue their education at AU. AU is an approved private institution in the State of Montana accredited by the Distance Education Accrediting Commission (DEAC), and a candidate for accreditation by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools. DEAC and the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools are both recognized by the U.S. Department of Education, the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA), and the International Network for Quality Assurance Agencies in Higher Education (INQAAHE). 

The Asia Pacific School of Business (APSB), Hamilton, New Zealand

AAGUC has entered into an articulation agreement with APSB for QAHE members to continue their education at APSB. The Asia Pacific School of Business was founded in 1995, formerly known as Kijen Academy, English name: The Asia Pacific School of Business, referred to as APSB, adheres to the purpose of “integrating Chinese and Western, knowledge and action” and is committed to cultivating business professionals’ higher education institutions. The Asia Pacific School of Business is a joint undergraduate (remote) and master (remote) granting unit authorized by the Graduate School of Business Administration of Hannam University in Korea. It also has the right to grant associate degrees. It has passed the EduTrust certification of the Singapore Council for Private Education A study abroad institution accredited by the Singapore and New Zealand and Cayman Islands Ministry of Education and Embassy. It has successively become the Asian Association of Open Universities (AAOU), the International Council for Open and Distance Education (ICDE ) , member institutions of the Association of Universities of Asia and The Pacific (AUAP) and the Southeast Asian Ministers of Edu-Cation organization (SEAMEO). At the same time, the courses of The Asia Pacific School of Business have passed the comprehensive academic accreditation of the international academic quality system Quality Matters (QM). Currently, they are already a member of ACBSP and AMBA’s & BGA. 


Global Academy of Finance and Management (GAFM), U.S.

APSB and GAFM United College (AAGUC) is sponsored by the Global Academy of Finance and Management (GAFM), US.

The Global Academy of Finance and Management (GAFM), founded in 1995 and headquartered in Louisiana, is accredited by more than 150 countries and has alliances with 800 top business schools around the world. Together with CFA, CFP, and ChFC, it is known as the four major financial certification institutions in the United States.

There are currently more than 150,000 people holding GAFM professional licenses in more than 70 countries and regions around the world. GAFM opens test centers in many countries and regions around the world, and mutually recognizes relevant courses with world-renowned business schools such as Harvard Business School, University of California Berkeley College, and Boston University Business School. AAFM™ has offices in Hong Kong, Singapore, and New Delhi in Asia, and recognizes the postgraduate diploma in Financial Services from the Asia Pacific Business School (APSB).

GAFM is regarded as a leader in the field of finance and finance, and its purpose is to educate and strengthen the international finance expertise and potential leadership skills of senior managers. GAFM not only has offices all over the world, but also is a non-governmental organization recognized by the United Nations (UN-UnitedNational). It has shown a high level of strength in the international field, whether in professional fields or events.

GAFM awards CWM™ (Chartered Wealth Manager Certification), AFA ® (Accredited Financial Analyst ®), AMA ® (Accredited Management Accountant ®), AMC ® (Accredited Management Consultant ®), CRA ™ (Certified Risk Analyst ®) worldwide -Specializations in AML, FATCA, Insurance, Wealth, and Compliance), RFS™ (Registered Financial Specialist), RBA™ (Registered Business Analyst™) and MFP® (Master Finance Professional) and other related certifications.

To study at AAGUC, an individual must be an APSB student in good standing. Visit www.gafm.com to know more about APSB student. 

Other Sponsors:

We recognize student eligibility at member institutions of the International Association for Quality Assurance in Higher Education (QAHE)

We recognise the right of students from QAHE member institutions to be eligible to apply for relevant AAGUC accredited courses.

International Association for Quality Assurance in Higher Education (QAHE), registered in Delaware USA, is an independent, private and international organization which is funded through fees charged for its accreditation services to Higher Education Institutions, Certification Bodies, E-Learning Management System Providers and Training Organizations. We use our expertise to support the development of quality assurance systems worldwide. As the accrediting agency has grown in size and complexity, the quality assurance systems have evolved and, progressively, tasks are articulated and delegated, with official certifications.

Unlike conventional programs, many academic programs and professional training courses taught by electronic means can go beyond geographical borders and do not inevitably require a campus or classroom. QAHE understands the transformation in the higher education sector, therefore assuming the existence of a physical academic infrastructure while assessing institutions’ academic and teaching quality may not be applicable.

Visit www.qahe.org to know more about QAHE membership.

APSB Information and Data

AAGUC is affiliated with The Asia Pacific School of Business and Global Academy of Finance & Management. As an independent college directly under APSB, AAGUC has all the cross-authorization of APSB's certification and accreditation. Under the cross-authorization legal agreement, AAGUC's courses and degrees will be indirectly cross-certified and recognized.

Please watch the video in detail to learn more information, so that future students can learn more about the recognition of AAGUC courses and the gold content of degrees.

For any comments or suggestions regarding accreditation and accreditation, please contact our Accreditation Coordination Office (ACO): aco@aaguc.ac.nz, or you can contact our alma mater APSB International Accreditation Coordination Office (ACO) directly: aco@ apsb.ac.nz or aco@apsb.edu.ky

"At AAGUC, we strive to continuously improve to raising the standards of business and management studies, for an impact in your local workplaces in both knowledge and practical aspects.

Our members gain industry recognition and academic acknowledgment for their desire to enhance their knowledge and understanding of the practices relevant to their profession."


Ed.D Mika Kin, Chairman of the Supervisory Board
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