AAGUC officially reached a mutual recognition agreement with SNIPF

School administrator
September 09 , 2022

We are proud to announce that the important agreement recognising the AAGUC/APSB was signed on 7th August, which will allow us to grow towards Europe.

SNIPF, represented by its President Eng. Jean Francois Magnani


APSB and GAFM United College (AAGUC), represented by Dr. Enrico Salvagni, Executive Director of the AAGUC Board of Directors.



Signed a cooperation agreement on August 7, 2022 to promote a better understanding of each other's goals and practices, working towards planning for the benefit of members and society, towards mutual recognition of their titles and/or credentials step forward.

SNIPF is the French nationally recognised professional accreditation body for engineers, since 1936, when it was created as an association, the National Society of Professional Engineers of France has pursued a central objective, the recognition of the exercise of the function of engineer by its members. Safeguard the interests and the title of Engineers who do not come out of the Grandes Ecoles of the State, but now many graduate engineers need to validate their skills acquired post diploma, throughout their professional life and ask to obtain this additional title their initial training as an IPF Certified Engineer via the Professional Engineer Competence Certificate (CDCIP), which perfectly meets this need. Has a very high reputation internationally (https://snipf.com/actualites/accord-de-collaboration-signe-avec-luniversite-aaguc/).

According to the agreement, our graduates (APSB and AAGUC) who complete certain courses and meet the SNIPF certification specifications can be granted the engineer certification certificate recognized in 196 countries and regions after applying.

SNIPF's certification is an internationally accepted certification with high gold content. We encourage our graduates to join this world-renowned certification. She will assist you in adding an unparalleled special boost to your career.

In view of this, we will take this opportunity to accelerate the internationalization process of APSB and AAGUC. Here, I wish the two institutions to cooperate with each other and develop together.

Board of Directors of AAGUC

September 9, 2022

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