AAGUC Adopts Blockchain Technology to Confer Awards

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May 17 , 2022

APSB and GAFM United College to Issue Awards on Blockchain Technology


AAGUC cites environmental and security benefits to the new credentialing procedure.This blockchain certification is provided by Accredible

APSB and GAFM United College (AAGUC) announced that all awards would use verifiable blockchain as a digital credential beginning June 2022. AAGUC is joining the initiative to utilize blockchain technology for their course completion documentation.

APSB and GAFM United College (AAGUC) Co-Founder & Vice President, Prof. Ed.D Yiyan Jianyin said “By embracing blockchain technology, we can ensure that our awards will remain immutable and instantly verifiable from anywhere globally.”

AAGUC's use of blockchain technology provides an additional benefit to its students. Awards issued on blockchain technology are easily verifiable by anyone clicking on a verification link or scanning a QR code. The technology allows those who have completed a course to access their records immediately. Secondly , the blockchain eliminates the need for paper products as paper files can be lost, destroyed, or stolen. In addition, the blockchain significantly decreases the ability to promote forged certificates as they are not verifiable in the same way as an original award. Lastly, digital credentials are shareable as often as the student needs to in all formats (social networks and professional settings). The authenticity of blockchain technology makes it a significant enhancement for students at AAGUC.

AAGUC offers its courses to the student of APSB only. The classes are available online and are self-study, allowing students to learn at their own pace.

(Any member institution of an international academic organization that APSB joins, its students are eligible to apply for AAGUC courses).


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