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July 14 , 2022


I strongly recommend and recommend that all APSB students or graduates should apply for the US equivalent degree (including transcripts) of the California University Foreign Credential Evaluation (CUFCE) as a standard international certificate; at the same time, I also solemnly extend to all APSB students or graduates recommend the internationally accepted authoritative certification of the Global Academy of Finance & Management (GAFM). Here I would like to express my special thanks to Dear Enrico Salvagni Dr Eng, Permanent Representative of CUFCE in Italy.

Enrico Salvagni Dr Eng is the President GAFM ® AAPM ® Italy- EU Chapter. He has been  the Italy President  Vice-president of the ABEI (The Association of British Engineers in Italy), the ABEI Founded in December 2005, Abei has been   "Campus and Examination Center in Milan Italy, pursuing  the common intent of its members of any nationality: training, continuous updating, enrichment of their knowledge and assistance to the recognition of qualifications in Italy and abroad. The  ABEI has  ceased the activity and became the offices of GAFM (Global Academy of Finance and Management Exam Center) Chartered LLC GAFM & IBS & AAPM trough the Exam Center located - Milan, all Abei Members have been merged in GAFM ® AAPM ® Italy- EU Chapter.

The GAFM (Global Academy of Finance and Management Exam Center) Chartered LLC GAFM & IBS & AAPM is certified by ESQ According to The ISO 29990 ISO 90001 for Design Certification and Provision of Business, Finance & Management, Health and Safety Training Courses. Continuous Professional Developments Accredited and ISO Certified For Quality and ISO Certified for Training.gafm (Global Academy of Finance and Management Exam Center) Chartered LLC Gafm & Ibs & Aapm Trough the Exam Center Located in Abei- Milan.Also have been the Italian Chairman pf the DTMSI (ZA) DTMSIitaly the Italian Branch Representative of DTMSI a multi-disciplined learned establishment all members of DTMSI merged in in GAFM ® AAPM ® Italy- EU Chapter.

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According to our comprehensive strategic alliance with CUFCE and GAFM, we will recognize each other's membership and the certification and degree certificates issued by each other. In the near future, the Société Nationale des Ingénieurs Professionnels de France (SNIPF) will also join this alliance, forming a powerful Quartet Alliance.

Prof. Ed.D. Yiyan Jianyin
Board of Directors Rotating Chair of APSB
July 12, 2022

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