Announcement on the connection between AAGUC students and APSB accounts

School administrator
June 17 , 2022

AAGUC is co-founded by The Asia Pacific School of Business and Global Academy of Finance & Management, in view of the particularity of the curriculum and the academic cohesion. Students of AAGUC will achieve the following interconnections with APSB:

Academic Cloud

Student Information Portal

student grade system

student learning system

Online Remote Academy

Student Software Cloud

According to the document signed by Prof. Ed.D. Yiyan Jianyin, the rotating chairman of the board of directors of The Asia Pacific School of Business, AAGUC students will fully enjoy the same treatment as APSB and NLC (Newfoundland and Labrador College) students. Instructions on the implementation of credit exchange (APSB is a member of several international authoritative academic organizations, APSB recognizes that the credits of AAGUC students can be converted into each other. According to international practice, the credits of AAGUC students will be accredited and indirectly recognized by the international authoritative academic organization that recognizes APSB).

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